Reframe and Reclaim It Now With Hypnotherapy,  Carolyn Hill, Certified Hynotherapist, LA

Reframe and Reclaim It Now With Hypnotherapy,  Carolyn Hill, Certified Hynotherapist, LA

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Hypnotherapy for Older Adults

When we are younger our older years are perceived to consist of a better situation of our younger lives. We expect to have better finances, more personal time, satisfaction of our success in life and a lifestyle we always dreamed of, shared with a loved one. Hypnotherapy, Techniques for the Elderly, Teens and Children,  Carolyn Hill, Certified Hynotherapist, LA

The current adult population consists of seniors, leading baby boomers and trailing baby boomers.  The seniors are the parents of the leading baby boomers and grand parents of the trailing boomers. They associate with the Korean War, World War II, the big band era, Citizen Kane and Casablanca.

For many “The Golden Years” represent the best time of our lives, when money is not an issue any more, when we are with the love of our lives, enjoying and reaping the benefits of our hard work and when we can go on vacations regularly or enjoy our hobbies with ease, due to having a healthy, supple physique. The truth is that WE ARE ALL AGING. Along with those we already acknowledge as a our senior population, the baby boom generation is starting to retire. What does that all mean?

Who are the Baby Boomers?
There are now 78 million people who are between the ages of 44 and 62. They are the baby boomers. They are split into two groups: the leading-edge boomers are older. The leading edge boomers form a cohesive group because they defined and came of age during the tumultuous cultural and political change of America which included the Vietnam War, civil rights movement, Woodstock and the women’s movement.



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The trailing-edge boomers are younger. They relate more to Live Aid and the ‘Watergate’ scandal. The trailing-edge boomers were not flower children during the 60s, they were children during the dawn of airline highjackings, the fall of Communism, Star Wars, Dynasty, Roots, Michael Jackson, and Madonna.

As the aging process progresses, our body, mind and emotions change. During our childhood we are proud of those changes, but then as we mature -- those changes are basically evidence that the clock has been ticking for a while . Usually, the more mature in age we are, the more stable we’d like our life to be , however, with the aging process, the only constant is CHANGE and that alone brings some trepidation as to what to expect for the future.

How is society’s attitude toward people who are getting older? Some cultures revere their elderly, while others discard the validity and value of what our senior citizens have to offer. Some age gracefully, but for others -- AGING becomes a four-letter word. Hypnotherapy has the tools to improve senior citizens and baby boomers adaptation through life by gauging, assisting and guiding their subconscious state of well being.

Seniors eventually experience loss of spouse, loss of friends, possible change in living environment, feeling loss of independence (unable to drive any longer, and possible necessity to move in with adult children or nursing homes) . Many seniors experience health and physical changes and deterioration as well as problems adjusting to a new lifestyle that may be comprised mainly of doctors and medication. 

Seniors, you have the benefit of finally enjoying the rest of your life as you want it. Now is the time to welcome your assets of wisdom and knowledge gathered in your life experience, instead of fumbling your way through on a “win some, lose some” basis, as younger people have to endure. Fortunately, you know what you need and want now and what it takes to achieve it. With the aid of hypnosis, you can chart your goals (REFRAME) and program them to be fulfilled (RECLAIM)  Hypnotherapy, Techniques for the Elderly, Teens and Children,  Carolyn Hill, Certified Hynotherapist, LAexactly as you desire. Seniors, embrace this opportunity!

Leading baby boomers still with the spirit that they wanted to change the world during the Age of Aquarius, are suddenly faced with physical and health changes and retirement decisions. They have also become caretakers for their aging parents. This is the group of consumers that are chasing the fountain of youth. Baby boomers.

Leading Boomers, do not surrender that rebellious change making spirit. Rebel against habits, behaviors and any negativity inhibiting your true authentic self. Together in hypnotherapy (REFRAME) we can recapture (RECLAIM) and continue the you that always went for everything you wanted. You changed politics, music, culture and made ward robe changes in society. So now is the time to remove the perceived notion that you have lost the ability to change thoughts, habits, and behaviors you are fed up with. You didn’t like the way the world was and you changed it. You were never going to be controlled by anything you didn’t like and that includes your own unwanted behaviors. Your generation’s spirit continues to influence society today. The world still needs your flower power that you created . Boomers, you are the epitome of change!

Trailing Baby Boomers may experience all of the above along with their new position as empty nesters through children leaving home for college, marriage or independence. Abruptly the families that were the driving force of their lives are no longer dependent on them. They are left with the need to find new purpose in their lives.

Trailing Boomers you were also a part of this affect-in-change generation. In addition your technological developments were not just a moment in history, but will impact generations to come. And like the Leading Boomers you also experienced all of the stress, anxiety, habits and behaviors that accompanied your creations that redefined the world.

All of these groups have the same changes at different stages, but they all have in common the necessity to cope with these changes emotionally which is where hypnotherapy can be a tremendous asset..

Hypnotherapy for Youth and Special Needs Children Hypnotherapy, Techniques for the Elderly, Teens and Children,  Carolyn Hill, Certified Hynotherapist, LA

These are the two fastest growing areas of concern for parents and educators today;

  • Children struggling with issues of Sustained Mental Effort (ADD/ADHD).
  • Children who have challenges with Interpreting Social Cues (Autism/Asperger Syndrome Spectrum Disorders).

Both groups struggle with:

  • Containment
  • Self regulation
  • Impulse Control
  • Classroom and home behavioral problems
  • Peer relationships

Children do face depression, anger, disappointment and embarrassment. Sometimes the symptoms are misinterpreted and classified as an uncooperative or undisciplined child. Self esteem, confidence, scholastic and sports performance can suffer from these problems. Frequently this is the only indication that something is wrong because children may not communicate the problem. Children, adolescents and adults with these same issues can all benefit with hypnotherapy.


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